System overview

mdx is a system that consists of generic nodes, computation accelerator nodes and storage devices.

Computing Nodes

 Generic nodes (CPU nodes)Accelerator nodes (GPU nodes)
Product namePRIMERGY CX2550 M6PRIMERGY GX2570 M6
CPUIntel Xeon Platinum 8368 Processor (38core, 2.4GHz) × 2Intel Xeon Platinum 8368 Processor (38core, 2.4GHz) × 2
Memory256 GiB512 GiB
GPU NVIDIA Tesla A100 (GPU memory40GiB) × 8
Number of nodes36840
Total theoretical computation performance(Double precision)2.1PFLOPS6.4PFLOPS
Total theoretical calculating performance(Single precision) 6.7PFLOPS
Total theoretical calculating performance(Half precision) 100.7PFLOPS


 ModelMain applications
Virtualization storageIntelliFlash HD2160OS storage area
High-performance internal storageDDN ES400NVX/fast
High-capacity storageDDN ES7990X/large
Shared storageDDN ES7990X