mdx is currently undergoing trial operation.

We started the trial operation of mdx on September 22, 2021.

〇 Extension of the trial operation period
We planned to stop the trial operation on March 31, 2022 but will continue it for the time being. As soon as the details are determined, we will announce when we will halt the trial operation. There are no fees for using mdx during the trial operation period. Once the details are decided, we will announce the fees.

〇 Points to note
Please be aware that we may take the following actions without prior notification during the trial operation period.
・A user’s VM or the whole system may shut down unexpectedly.
・The portals and the system may be subject to updates or design changes.
・The service specifications may be subject to changes due to updates or changes in settings.
・The whole system may be unstable.

〇 Points to note for official operation
When official operation starts, we may delete the project for which you applied during the trial operation period (the created user environment [virtual machine environment], and the data will not be transferred). Once the details have been settled, we will announce points to note when moving from trial to official operation.