[mdx]Notice of System Outage_January 30(mon.)-31(tue.)

We are pleased to announce that mdx will be making some changes to our services. For more details, please download pdf file(sorry, Japanese only).

Due to the changes in service, the mdx will shut down its system on the following date and time.
During this time, you will be unable to access and use your VMs.

January 30(mon.) 9:00 am – 31(tue.) 1:00 pm

We would ask the all users to shut down their virtual machine before maintenance takes place.
The shutdown procedure is either (1) or (2) below. For reboot, you can power it on from the User Portal only.
(1) User Portal(ユーザポータル) > Virtual Machine(仮想マシン) > ACTION button > Power(電源)> Shutdown(シャットダウン)
(2) Direct shutdown from your own VM
Please note that virtual machines that have not been shut down by the system shutdown time will be forcibly shut down.

After the downtime, you need to reboot your VMs.
We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.