You can use mdx free of charge during the trial operation period. As soon as the details are decided, we will announce, on this site, the fees for using mdx after the end of the trial operation period and the date on which we will start applying them.


For information on how to use mdx, please see the Guidance for Using mdx (for Users). If you have questions that are not answered by the FAQ, or further questions, please contact the mdx Help Desk.

You can start using mdx within about three business days after applying for a new project. However, it may take longer to review the use of mdx, depending on the requested amount of resources and the purpose of use. If mdx has no more resources, you may need to wait until the resources are available.

Unless otherwise stated, to use mdx, you need an account (GakuNin ID) with the Academic Access Management Federation in Japan. For details of GakuNin ID, please see the “Process for using mdx” page. For organizations such as private corporations that are not eligible to issue GakuNin ID, we will issue an mdx Original Account. Please apply for this account using the Application Form for mdx Original Account.

Unless otherwise stated, the system operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Inquiries about maintenance and user support services can be answered from 9:00 to 17:00 on weekdays (excluding national holidays and days on which member organizations of   are closed). Please note that if the system is unavailable due to malfunction or other reasons outside the above service hours, the system may take some time to return to normal operation and users may not be informed that the system has been restored.

We started the operation of mdx on a trial basis on September 22, 2021. We initially planned to stop the trial operation on March 31, 2022, but will continue it for the time being. As soon as the details are decided, we will announce on this site when we will end the trial operation.

Please check the information on malfunction and maintenance provided on this site’s homepage. After starting to use mdx, you can check the information via the User Portal.

Please have a look at “Citing mdx” page.

Yes, we do. Please see the Guidance for Using mdx (for Users).
An FAQ is available on this page to answer any questions that you may have after starting using mdx.
* The Japanese version only, so far.